Hefte Ranch has been raising Santa Gertrudis cattle since the 1970's.  We were introduced to the breed by our grandfather's brother, Dunlap Harper, who was one of the charter members of Santa Gertrudis Breeders International.  Dunlap Harper established his Herd #37 in 1944.  Our father, Kenneth Hefte, and our grandfather, Tom Harper, purchased cattle from Uncle Dunlap, Heldenfels Farms, Chaparrosa Ranch, Harvey Hans, John Martin and several other early breeders. 

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In 2010, Hefte Ranch purchased the remaining herd from the Harper and Tatsch families. We are very proud of our Uncle Dunlap and his influence on the Santa Gertrudis breed.  Some of our favorite cows in our herd carry his lazy D brand.

Santa Gertrudis Cattle

Hefte Ranch currently runs cattle in Hondo and Agua Dulce, Texas.  Kenneth Tom and Lauri live in Corpus Christi, Texas and manage the Agua Dulce division while Kathryn and family run cattle in the Hondo area.  Together we have approximately 150 head of cows.  We take every opportunity to performance test our cattle to make sure our quality is at or near the top our breed.  We are constantly adding new genetics and utilizing technology advancements to make sure our cattle are more efficient and productive.

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