Red Doc Never Sank 5012, jointly owned with Wendt Ranches, is our newest addition to our bull battery.  This eye appealing polled bull, a son of the prolific Red Doc Never Before 1136, is generating lots of interest. Excellent growth and carcass EPDs and a 6.74 ADG! 

​SGBI Reg No. 20153072 

    Semen Available for Purchase $600 for 20 straws or 50 straws for $1250

Hefte Ranch D25, SGBI #20160227  - if you are looking for performance and carcass quality, this is a unique polled bull that combines both.  Sired by trait leader Harco 1323, he was the high gaining bull on our spring gain test.  He possesses both marbling and ribeye area.  His dam, Hefte Ranch A88, is a 6yo cow with four calves on the ground and an amazing 349 calving interval.

On test he had a 121 ADG ratio, scanned a 4.76 IMF with a 15.88  REA.

Semen available for purchase at $40/straw, minimum of 10 straws

King Ranch 1269/14​is sired by Carcass Trait Leader KR 97/10.  He scanned an IMF of 5.05 with BackFat at .19 and REA of 14.67, REA/cwt of 1.23.  His first calves will arrive in Fall 2016 and we can't wait to see how they perform.

Red Doc Top Shelf 1342is a cattlemen's dream, combining true hardiness and purebred eye appeal.  Lots of thickness and natural muscling, with a clean sheath and an easy keeping constitution, not to mention gentle disposition and lots of libido; it all comes together with this bull.  His calves are consistently good - easy keeping, early maturing heifers and heavily muscled, clean sheathed bull calves.  Check out his son pictured below, Hefte Ranch C02 who we will be using as a herd sire next year.

​SGBI Registration No. 201101005680   Semen Available for Purchase  $25/straw

Hefte Ranch D65, SGBI #20157765,  a son of AJH 126/0 and out of Hefte Ranch W24.  He brings together a great balance of style, performance and production.  His dam is a 9yo cow that has produced 7 bull calves and has a lifetime calving interval of  364 days.  She has an incredible udder and is one of the most productive cows on our ranch.   D65 performed well on gain test with an ADG ratio of 111, and scanned 4.39 IMF and 13.16 REA.

Semen is available for purchase at $40/straw, minimum of 10 straws

AJH 126/0, jointly owned with David Harris, is a 3/4 Gert, 1/4 Red Angus bull that sires tremendous thick and heavy boned calves.  He is the sire of Hefte Ranch B14, purchased by Briggs Ranches and Hefte Ranch B26, purchased by Red Doc Farm at the 2015 South Texas Heritage Sale, both are pictured below.

​SGBI Registration No. 1291545      Semen Available for Purchase  $40/straw

herd sires

Santa Gertrudis Cattle

Hefte Ranch

Harco 1323, jointly owned with David Harris, is a young bull with excellent EPDs, as well as actual numbers and ratios.  If you are looking to improve your carcass traits, this is the bull.   His first set of bull calves when scanned at one year of age,  averaged IMFs of 4.3 with 14" REAs, his heifers boasted an average IMF of 4.6.  Pictured below is his first heifer calf at weaning.

​SGBI Registration No. 20132359  Semen Available for Purchase  $40/straw

Red Doc Master Burns 5461, SGBI #20156199 - purchased at the 2017 Red Hot Bull Sale, this polled sire is a natural born son of Red Doc Farm's top donor female, Bonita 8017.  Cherry red, moderate and thick, we are looking forward to the arrival of his first calves this spring.

​Semen available for purchase at $40/straw, minimum of 10 straws