Santa Gertrudis Cattle

Hefte Ranch

​​Hefte Ranch is a proud member of the following:

Congratulations to the 2018 Better Beef Contest Winners

Hefte Ranch will once again be bringing bred heifers to the South Texas Heritage Sale on November 17th in Robstown, Texas.  Please visit for lodging information and catalog requests.

We are extremely excited to join Strait Ranches for our first ever Production Sale.  We have put together some of our best cattle - bulls, pairs, bred heifers and open heifers - for this event.  Please make plans to join us for a Friday evening dinner and a Saturday sale in Carrizo Springs, Texas on October 19th and 20th!  Visit to request your catalog.


Located in South Texas, we are committed to producing tough, hard-working and functional Santa Gertrudis cattle. Efficient and productive cattle that can thrive in a less than ideal environment.  We utilize performance testing, ultrasound data and genomic testing to ensure that our cattle and their offspring can perform from pasture to plate.