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Hefte Ranch

​Hefte Ranch C64 is a two year old heifer with her first calf at side.  She is a gentle, fertile female with excellent growth EPDs.  Her heifer calf, Hefte Ranch E74, born January 26, 2017 is sired by KR 1269/14, a son of  trait leader KR 97/10.  This is a great package of two highly productive, functional females.

Both females are top 1% for Yearling Weight and Rib Eye Area, and top 2% for Weight Weight.

Located in South Texas, we are committed to producing tough, hard-working and functional Santa Gertrudis cattle. Efficient and productive cattle that can thrive in a less than ideal environment.  We utilize performance testing, ultrasound data and DNA testing to ensure that our cattle and their offspring can perform from pasture to plate.

Santa Gertrudis Cattle

​​​Thank you to Corporron Acres and Dos Bros Ranch for purchasing our pair at The Mid-Coast Super Sale